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Welcome from Rob Douglas, Organizing Pastor

A few years ago we began to sense God's call to plant a different kind of church.

Many people ask, “Aren't there enough churches already?” The simple answer is no.

Roughly 20% of the people in the Conejo Valley have a church home while nearly 100,000 people do not.

Existing churches have been incredibly important to the kingdom of God, but new churches have a much higher success rate in introducing people to Jesus for the first time; nearly 70% of their growth happens in this way whereas 90% of church growth in established churches is from people who are already Christians switching churches.

We dream about reaching out to wonderful people who have not yet met God about becoming a place where these people truly find community and meaning!

In 2013, our team of 15 people faithfully gathered every Wednesday night for a year, praying, studying, and dreaming about ways that we might connect to our community and build great relationships with people outside the church. Since then, lightshine Church was launched and recently celebrated our first year of gathering well and scattering better. There is one thing that we all know for certain: we cannot do this alone. We need friends! We need partners! We need people to join with us!

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